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At AVISIO, we are committed to giving the best of ourselves by offering a transparent and local service. Along with our dedicated partners, we develop enduring relationships geared towards success.

Our Team

Your Partners for Success

Sophie Jeandel


With a background in biology and process management, Sophie knows how to bring the right talents around the same table, ensuring you achieve your goals.

Trust and transparency are essential for efficient team work.

Clarisse Bascans


Team management and innovation development have always been sparking motivators for Clarisse. Her natural leadership and energy will propel your team to success.

Create procedures that describe what you do, not someone else’s workflow.

Caroline Lau

Eng., M.Eng.

Caroline implemented and managed quality systems for more than 9 years. She knows how to turn quality into an asset and help you leverage quality in your business growth.

Business development and quality management go hand-in-hand.


Our Mission

Implementing a quality management system may seem like a daunting project. Where to start? What resources to allocate? Which standards are applicable and appropriate? At AVISIO, we simply believe that quality must be integrated in business management. Quality becomes an accelerator for the commercialisation of innovations.

We therefore commit to pass on to our clients essential knowledge and skills ensuring you develop enduring competences. Metaphorically, our clients learn to fish and fish efficiently.

Our mission is to become your strategic partner and help you see quality differently.

Our Story

In April 2018, co-founders Caroline, Clarisse and Sophie had a common goal: to ease the commercialisation of innovative medical technologies. With their backgrounds in both the commercial and laboratory landscapes, they could see that some technologies will face roadblocks slowing down or even preventing their market launch. The health ecosystem is in dire need of guidance in navigating the quality and regulatory pathways and Avisio envisions changing this.

Combining more than 10 years of experience, we are proud to provide solutions that will help our clients accelerate their market launch and optimise their processes.

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